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Here We Go Again! (DJI) Key make or break point 8750. The rah rah is working partially and so stocks continue to creep up. However after looking at Gold, Oil, and Treasuries we have to ask what is really about to happen. Here’s my take in one word… Inflation. Now let’s make that word a little bit more truer… Hyper-Inflation! Yes, my readers that is what is about to come up. You may now just be starting to hear the mainstream press talking about inflation fears, but still they have their heads in the sands and are going on ad nauseum about the glimmers of recover and how were are in a new Bull market for stocks. The only real Bull Market for Stocks are in the hard assests sectors i.e. Gold, Silver, Oil, and the like. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think the (DJI) will make another stab at 9000 if it can successfully break thru the (DJI) 8750, (S&P 500) 975. Failure here means the beginning of the downward spiral all the way down to (DJI) 6500 again. The Dollar is doomed and is already on the way down. Just think what happens to your purchasing power with the Dollar going down and inflation kicking in? Definitely not a pretty picture!

Now for Gold and Silver is there any doubt? To the moon Alice! Do yourself a favor take your profits out now in Stocks and put them into hard assets.  The reason is simple, they tried to manipulate the prices yesterday by taking huge short and driving Gold down to $960 level. Then look what happened today Gold came screaming back. Gold will take out the $1007 barrier! There will be resistance and more huge short positions taken around $990 in a last vain attempt/manipulation to hold Gold back, but it will fail. Remember to preserve the purchasing power of your dollar is to buy Gold and Silver, especially Silver NOW! Get aboard the Precious Metals train now, it is leaving the station… Good Investing! – jschulmansr

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Today only One Article – I know you just can’t wait for the Hot Tip, so if in a hurry scroll down to bottom/end of post. But then COME back and read this article and click on the links within the article to learn what is really going on with Precious Metals price manipulation. -jschulmansr

Will a ‘Silver Bullet’ Finally Kill the Metal Manipulators?- Seeking Alpha 

By: Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada

In my previous commentary, “Silver market fundamentals DISTORTED by bullion-ETFs”, I pointed out how (so-called) “bullion-ETFs” were (with rare exceptions) merely a tool of the manipulators – with two primary purposes.

First of all, bullion-ETFs soak-up billions of investor-dollars each year, which would otherwise be invested in real bullion, or in the shares of precious metals miners. Naturally, this has helped to depress the price of silver, and severely depress the price of silver miners – since almost all of the diverted investor-dollars were diverted from the miners, and not bullion, itself. I also showed how these fraudulent investment vehicles have been used to artificially inflate the supposed inventory-levels of silver stockpiles.

Specifically, at a time when actual silver inventories are at their lowest level in centuries, the (supposed) amount of “bullion” these funds claim to hold has singlehandedly resulted in “official” inventory levels tripling in just three years – after plunging by 90%.

Today’s market price is based upon these phony “inventories” despite the fact that the bullion-banks who claim to hold all this silver are never subjected to audits, to determine that they are not only holding enough silver to cover their custodial agreements with the “bullion-ETFs” – but are also holding sufficient silver to cover the MUCH larger “short” positions of these Manipulators (see “Silver Manipulation the worst in history – Ted Butler”).

Unless and until there is such a full and complete audit, the only rational assumption for investors is this supposed “tripling”of inventories is totally illusory, which also means that the “bullion” that is claimed to be held by these bullion-ETFs is also illusory.

As I have also mentioned before, it is elementary economics than any “good” which is undervalued will be over-consumed (relative to its current price). Thus, we have TWO extremely important dynamics which are setting up this sector for a final “implosion” of the criminal conspiracy by the anti-precious metals cabal.

First, price-suppression means the (actual) tiny inventories of silver are still declining not increasing. It is simply absurd to claim that with record, investment demand and declining mine production (due to the dramatic cuts in base metals production) that inventories are increasing. The under-pricing of silver simply confirms this trend.

Secondly, with real inventories only 1/3rd of what is claimed by the Manipulators, continuing to under-price silver (through continued manipulation) must result in a supply “squeeze” which inevitably causes the price to “spike” (and begin to correct toward some sort of medium-term equilibrium). Given that there has been no similar depletion of gold stockpiles (merely the transfer of ownership), it is far more likely that the final defeat of the anti-gold cabal will be accomplished via a default in silver markets.

The BIG question in the minds of all precious metals “bulls” is when and how will this final victory occur?

Many commentators have pointed to the rigged Comex markets in New York as the place where the final destruction of the Manipulators will occur. However, with the short positions of the bullion-banks, and their (supposed) “custodial agreements” with the bullion-ETFs being “two sides of the same coin”, then implosion could originate in either component of this fraudulent manipulation.

A bullion-default at the Comex (or “Crimex”, as some like to call it) is a very simple scenario. The Comex is essentially selling its phony, “paper” futures for less than any other bullion market. Thus, at some point, large buyers will simply step into this market and continue relentless, heavy buying until default occurs.

Specifically, there would be a “failure to deliver” of bullion to a buyer (or buyers) – who chose to hold their futures contract until expiry, and thus take “physical” delivery of real bullion. As has been reported by several commentators, apparently such a default nearly occurred just weeks ago (see “Did ECB save Deutsche Bank from Comex gold-default?”).

There has been a great deal of frustration among the “gold bugs” (in particular) that such a final “show-down” has not already taken place. However, perhaps we would all be more patient in this respect if we were to try to put ourselves in the position of such big “players”.

Looking at silver, based on fundamentals, it is totally obvious that silver is headed for a spectacular explosion in its price. At a time of record demand for gold and silver, there are lower inventories of silver (relative to gold and in absolute terms) than at any time in centuries. Simultaneously, the gold/silver price ratio is more unfavorable for silver than at nearly any time in history, currently over 60:1. The long-term price ratio (over thousands of years) is 15:1. Additionally, as “elements” in the Earth’s crust, silver is only 17 times as plentiful as gold. Thus, a 60:1 ratio is not remotely sustainable, even over the medium term.

Therefore, armed with the knowledge that investing in silver will yield a huge windfall for all long-term investors, do you (as a large “player” in the silver market) force the inevitable implosion now (and “kill” the proverbial “goose that lays the silver eggs”) – or, do you patiently use the Manipulators game against them: buying as much grossly undervalued silver as you can from these criminals, before their inevitable self-destruction?

From this perspective, it is suddenly much less automatic that the demise of the Manipulators will occur at the Crimex.

I would remind people about an event which went practically unreported last year in North America: at the time of AIG‘s near-bankruptcy, the European bullion-ETFs “guaranteed” by AIG briefly plunged in value – to a price MUCH lower than the nominal price of the bullion they (supposedly) held. The reason? Investors were “betting” in a clearly visible manner that if AIG was forced into bankruptcy it would not be able to honour its “custodian agreements” with these bullion-ETFs – leaving the investors in these funds holding paper and not bullion.

Thus, the outrageously expensive bail-out of AIG (over $180 BILLION, and counting) was not undertaken solely in order to secretly funnel roughly $10 billion into the vaults of Goldman Sachs. It was also bailed-out to prevent a domino-like chain of events. All it will take is for one “bullion-ETF” to default, and then the entire scheme/scam of the Manipulators would inevitably collapse.

The sequence of events is obvious: after seeing one group of bullion-ETF investors wiped-out (or nearly so) by fraud, then obviously the unit-holders for all (so-called) bullion-ETFs would demand thorough and honest audits of the bullion-banks who are essentially running these scams.

Even if the bullion-banks could scrounge-up enough bullion to cover their “custodial agreements”, there would be little if anything left over to “cover” their much larger “short” positions. With “blood in the water”, futures-buyers would obviously immediately start lining up for “delivery” at the Crimex – hoping to be the last buyer to grab some real bullion before the Manipulators were completely wiped out.

Thus, there appear to be three very plausible scenarios leading to the destruction of the Manipulators, and the explosion of the price of gold and silver.

  1. The frequently-predicted default at the Comex;
  2. The bankruptcy of one (or more) of the bullion-banks; or
  3. A default of one or more bullion-ETFs through a thorough audit being performed.

Given what the U.S. government has already shown it was willing to spend to “defend” AIG’s custodial agreements with bullion-ETFs, the second scenario would appear to have the least probability of occurring. However, there is still somewhere close to a quadrillion dollars of derivatives floating around in Wall Street’s private “casino”. Any surprise-implosion of a position in this market could create such unimaginable losses (hundreds of times higher than those of AIG) that a bail-out would simply be impossible to ram-through the corrupt, U.S. government – without literally setting off a second “American Revolution”.

Personally, I see the default of the bullion-ETFs to be slightly more likely than any other scenario for destroying the Manipulators. As with any scam, the larger it grows, the greater the likelihood of exposure. When bullion-ETFs were first created, their claim that they could buy infinite amounts of bullion, with zero “premiums” and store all this bullion for zero storage costs attracted little attention.

With the holdings of these bullion-ETFs rapidly approaching the total annual production of precious metals miners, and already being larger than the national stockpiles of almost every nation on Earth, this obviously-suspect “business model” will attract increasing doubt and skepticism among informed investors – until even blind/deaf/dumb “regulators” are forced to conduct a reputable audit of this sector.

For those hoping to read precisely when and where the Manipulators will meet their final defeat, I suppose you will be disappointed. Sorry, but I’m an “economist” – not a “psychic”. However, hopefully readers will derive some use out of this commentary.

First, because of depleted inventories, it is much more likely that it will be a silver default which “kills” the Manipulators, instead of a gold default. Secondly, as precious metals investors wait for this inevitable occurrence, you are reminded that there are three potential developments to watch for – and not just a “failure to deliver” at the Comex.

In the meantime, any/every investor who continues to add to his (or her) precious metals positions (preferably during short-term dips) is guaranteed to be richly rewarded. Given the extremely uncertain times in which we live, the reward of financial security is “precious”, indeed.

Disclosure: I hold no position in bullion-ETFs.


One last note- I didn’t forget my promise, here is another HOT stock to buy and forget (hold). (WTMNF) a junior explorer West Timmins Mining. Currently trading in the .70 to .80 cent level.  I have mentioned before load up on the junior and mid-tier Precious Metals Producers, but to throw in some good exploration companies. West Timmins fits in the latercategory. They have the financing in place and are currently drilling. Here is a copy of one of their press releases from May 12th, 2009. I think it speaks for itself. -Good Investing! -jschulmansr 

WTM Intersects 13.64 g/t (0.40 oz/t) over 8.20 metres (26.90 feet) on North Zone Target, 100% owned Thorne Property, Timmins, Ontario

Bonanza grades confirmed including  41.30 g/t (1.20 oz/t) gold over 2.40 metres (7.87 feet) 

West Timmins Project drill program to be expanded

(Vancouver, May 12, 2009) – West Timmins Mining Inc. (WTM:TSX) (“WTM” or the “Company”) today announced that bonanza grade gold mineralization has been intersected from the North Zone on its 100% owned Thorne Property, part of the Company’s West Timmins Gold Project, in Timmins, Ontario. All three holes testing the North Zone returned high-grade gold mineralization, highlighted by hole GS09-31 which returned 8.20 metres (26.90 feet) grading 13.64 g/t (0.40 oz/ton) gold, including 2.40 metres (7.87 feet) grading 41.30 g/t (1.20 oz/t) gold.
“The North Zone adds another zone of high grade gold mineralization over significant widths on our 100% owned property package in Timmins. These results continue to confirm the presence of multiple high grade gold zones located in close proximity to each other in the West Timmins District. This clustering of high-grade gold zones is perhaps the single most significant characteristic of the Timmins Camp. History does appear to be repeating itself in the west end of the Camp” said Darin Wagner, President and CEO of West Timmins Mining. “WTM will immediately expand the scale and scope of our drill program on our 100% owned properties in Timmins and welcomes the recently announced expansion of the drill program on the adjacent Thunder Creek Joint Venture.”
WTM now has six expanding zones of high-grade gold mineralization located within 3 kilometres of each other in the West Timmins District: the Rusk and Porphyry Gold Zones on the Thunder Creek Joint Venture, the High-grade and Central sub-zones within the Golden River West Zone, the Hwy 144 Zone where high-grade intercepts have recently been reported and now confirmation of continuity and bonanza grades from the North Zone.

The North Zone is located along the northern flank of the Golden River Trend on WTM’s 100% owned Thorne Property. Historic work in the North Zone area has been re-interpreted based in large part on the recent discoveries of high-grade gold mineralization on the Company’s adjacent Thunder Creek Property and within the Golden River West Zone. This work has lead to the identification of a steeply plunging zone of high-grade gold mineralization. The North Zone mineralization is characterized by silica veining and flooding associated with significant visible gold mineralization and is very similar to many of the vein-style gold deposits in the Timmins Camp. Drilling has also intersected additional gold bearing structures beneath the North Zone, the NL1 and NL2 structures, which remain open for additional testing – again characteristic of gold systems in the Camp.

On-going exploration activities are focussing on the area between the Timmins West (now Timmins) gold deposit and the Destor-Porcupine Fault, located 5.0 kilometres to the south, where multiple gold-bearing systems have been confirmed within WTM’s extensive West Timmins Project land holdings. The Destor-Porcupine Fault is a deep-seat fault system which can be traced throughout the entire Timmins Camp.

Quality Control and Assurance

Geochemical results reported are from halved drill core samples collected from WTM’s 100% owned Thorne Property, part of the Company’s West Timmins Gold Project. Core samples were collected by employees and consultants in the employ of the Company and are subject to the Company’s quality control program. Sampling was conducted on site at the Company’s exploration office in Timmins, Ontario and sealed samples were transported to Swastika Labs preparation facilities in Swastika, Ontario. Samples were assayed for gold by standard fire assay- ICP finish with a 30 gram charge. Gold values in excess of 3.0 g/t were re-analyzed by fire assay with gravimetric finish and intercepts returning in excess of 8.0 g/t, or displaying visible gold mineralization, were re-analyzed by pulp screen metallic assaying for greater accuracy. The remaining half of the drill core is stored on-site at the Company’s Timmins exploration office. 

For quality control purposes blank, duplicate and analytical control standards were inserted into the sample sequence at irregular intervals. Mr. Darin Wagner (M.Sc., P.Geo), the Company’s President, has acted as non-independent qualified person for this news release. The qualified person has visited the project site, examined the intervals reported and, has verified that any significant analytical discrepancies have been resolved and that the reported results meet the Company’s quality control standards.

About West Timmins Mining Inc. (www.westtimminsmining.com):
WTM is focussed on the exploration and development of district-scale gold projects in the major gold camps of North America. The Company is advancing the high-grade Rusk and Porphyry Gold discoveries on its Thunder Creek joint venture in Timmins, Ontario and continues to test the nearby 5.0 kilometre long Golden River Trend. WTM also has active gold exploration projects in Mexico, highlighted by the high-grade Lluvia de Oro gold-silver Project in Chihuahua State. West Timmins Mining is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol WTM.
On behalf of the Board of
West Timmins Mining Inc.
“Darin W. Wagner”
Darin W. Wagner
President and Chief Executive Officer
For further information contact:
John Toporowski, Manager, Investor Relations
West Timmins Mining Inc., Vancouver
Tel: (604) 685-8311 / Toll Free: (866) 685-8311
The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of this news release, which has been prepared by management.
For further details on West Timmins Mining Inc. please refer to prior disclosure at www.sedar.com. The securities described in this press release have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or under any U.S. state securities laws, and such securities may not be offered or sold in the United States absent an exemption from such registration requirements.
This press release contains forward looking statements within the meaning of applicable Canadian and U.S. securities regulation, including statements regarding the future activities of the Company. Forward looking statements reflect the current beliefs and expectations of management and are identified by the use of words including “will”, “expected to”, “plans”, “planned” and other similar words. Actual results may differ significantly. The achievement of the results expressed in forward looking statements is subject to a number of risks, including those described in the Company’s annual information form as filed with the Canadian securities regulators which are available at www.sedar.com. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance upon forward looking statements.  
>READ PDF – Complete With Maps and the Entire Press release


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Nothing in today’s post should be considered as an offer to buy or sell any securities or other investments; it is presented for informational purposes only. As a good investor, consult your Investment Advisor/s, Do Your Due Diligence, Read All Prospectus/s and related information carefully before you make any investing decisions and/or investments. –  jschulmansr