Free Crypto! This one is easy to do just follow the link! is about to start its V0.5 beta campaign with airdrop!

After continuous internal development and testing, CyberWorld has completed all core development and has deployed V0.5 on the Rinkeby test network for the first round of beta testing.

We will airdrop a total of $CMT$100,000.00 + 20 CyberWorld-Genesis Series NFTs to all eligible addresses!

The $CMT 100,000.00 reward will be distributed equally to the corresponding addresses of the eligible accounts on the CyberMiles chain.

The 20 CyberWorld-Genesis NFTs will be selected from among all users who have completed a Gleam mission. (Distribution will take place at the time of v1.0 launch)

Click here for details on NFT’s activities, or complete the mission first to ensure you get your CMT.