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  1. Jeffrey,

    Thanks for mentioning INO.com! I wonder how we can work together as we have a ton of content and free tools, can you contact me?



  2. masteroftheuniverse said:


    I added you to my blogroll over at http://masteroftheuniverse.wordpress.com.



  3. Your insights into gold might prove to be integral in my risk management strategy in the next few quarters. By all means link to my blog. I am hoping that people will begin to see the value in fund switching when done correctly. See fundswitchers.wordpress.com and very soon fundswitchers.com for 401k participants who don’t want to become experts in the market but still want to grow their retirement funds faster than the market.


  4. About Me Jeffrey S Schulman Sr. a.k.a. jschulmansr:

    Currently, I have several irons in the fire. I live by the Maxim Ready! Fire! Aim! or Take Action Now! Usually so much time is taken by Getting Ready and taking Aim that the opportunity passes you by. So take action, Do It Now and then go back and Fine Tune for Maximum Potential and Profits!

    I am a manager/analyst with the Executive Offices Of Qwest Communications Intl. I handle Executive Level (CEO, EVP, SVP), Escalations and Problem Resolutions; Specializing in DSL and Highspeed Internet Solutions, Wireless, DTV, and HSI. In addition I am very active in Internet and Computer Security, Anti-Phishing, and anti cyber terrorism.

    Next I am an investor in many different markets and always have my ear to the ground to find out what is the best advice in today’s chaotic and volatile markets. My specialty is in Precious Metals and have been in the past a registered Commodity Trading Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator, Commodities Broker, Stock Broker, and both a Commodities and Stocks Technical Analyst. Currently however I am simply a private investor.

    I am also an aggressive marketer starting and building Internet Businesses. Even though I am just getting started, I already had the good fortune of working with some of the top names in the industry both as an Affiliate and JV partner. I’m am currently forging a bridge between the three sides of the Internet Marketing World.

    In other words bring the world of MLM Marketing and bridging together with the world of Internet Marketing/Info Products with another bridge to the Internet Auction and Megastore Marketing.

    In addition I have a copywriting business and several business opportunities. I am currently setting different websites up, both to market and generate several different income/revenue streams in addition to mentoring and helping others to succeed also.



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