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I haven’t been posting for almost a year, decided to take a breather from the markets and enjoy life, my kids and grandkids. However I am back again and will start publishing market trades, articles, and things I find of interest.  Get ready for new BIG moves in the markets especially in Gold and Precious Metals. I was right on from $480 an oz.  in accurately predicting the huge Upward move in Gold prices. Hopefully,  you made some money with me as you saw my trades. Gold is still a few months away from the next big upward leg and I think we should start accumulating Gold again. Don’t forget Silver either!  More details to follow in my next upcoming posts. I wanted to tell you about something that I just found out about, and that is the Body By ViSalus 90 Day Challenge. I have joined the Challenge and this is truly awesome!  I’ll be posting more on Metals soon but in the meantime, watch this video, and I am confident that You too will join me in The 90 Day Challenge!

To Join The Challenge or for More Info: www.jschulmansr.bodybyvi.com