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Here is another question and answer from a trader on Seeking Alpha.

Between jschulmansr, CKachi

Hello Quick Question
  • I admire your will to teach others and your strong support for the precious metals, oil and your currency plays.

    I noticed you have a support number you are sharing for UUP at $24.60 and I wanted to know your technicals, or psychology…simply your reasoning for this support level.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

    *Also one side note question. There is rumor or speculation I shall say of a rally of the Euro before it reaches parity with the dollar. That’s a prediction I’ve been hearing. What do you think about it?
    What price point you think we can see this pull back for UUP… ~$27 maybe since that was last year’s peak?

    Chris K.


  • jschulmansr May 14 at 10:01am
  • Chris;

    First Thank You for your kind words! For the $24.60 as support, what I did is take the low of the gap and subtracted 25 cents for my stop. My actual support level is $24.80 and then $24.50. The dollar could get to $27 especially if the Euro hits $120. (see next)

    For the Euro, yes there will be a bear rally after we test the low at $124.88 which we are doing today. If it does not hold here then I’m looking for a bottom for this thrust somewhere between $120.00 to $122.50. The currency sharks are testing the will of the Eurozone to support the Euro. They will probably at $120 and then here will be a vicious short covering rally to I think around $130.

    However with all of these trades be ready to turn on a dime so to speak if the market starts going against you. You have to be unemotional and realize that sometimes everything lines up for a market to go a certain direction and still go the opposite way.

    Hope this helps and message me anytime!

    Good Investing!

    Jeff aka jschulmansr


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