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On Seeking Alpha:

I received this question from another trader who contributes on Seeking Alpha

  • Hi, you seem to be bullish on dollar (uup) and bearish on gld at least for the short-mid term … where do you see DXY going? it’s at 82 right now, or uup for that matter?


My Answer:

// I think US Dollar is going to at least test 85, if it can break that then real potential for 90. UUP short tern $24.25 then $25 and $26 longer term. Currently nobody believes inflation is a threat so the Dollar will rise. As long as the dollar is rising, Bernanke doesn’t have to do anything except maintain. I do feel that in a few months the fundamental will change, when inflation is perceived as a threat, and it will be since we have at least almost quadrupled the money supply (US Dollars). When inflation does start to roar then we will see a rising US Dollar and rising Gold Prices along with rising interest rates. That is also when Gold will go to $2000 to $2500 on next leg of rally. Long term even higher. This of course is based on no unforeseen news events. The other shoe so to speak is the sovereign debt issue. If Europe can fix the situation then the dollar will take a hit. Finally if the credit rating of the US is downgraded then kiss the dollar goodbye and watch Gold really explode. I think for stocks the rally will stall around Dow 11,500 and then have a really nasty retracement. This will once again really shake investor confidence, but for those prepared it will be an opportunity of a lifetime to make money. Thanks for asking!-jschulmansr

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Subject: Two trending markets revisited and analyzed for you

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– Trend Analysis Revealed –

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Nothing in today’s post should be considered as an offer to buy or sell any securities or other investments; it is presented for informational purposes only. As a good investor, consult your Investment Advisor/s, Do Your Due Diligence, Read All Prospectus/s and related information carefully before you make any investing decisions and/or investments. –  jschulmansr