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It’s Jiffy Pop Time and the Gold market is just starting to pop, pop, pop. The heat is being generated by the whirring printing presses at the U.S. Treasury; which are running full steam ahead, unabated, and with no prospect of turning them off. This forms the stove with Inflation, (soon to be Hyper-Inflation) are the burners, blazing red hot. Extra energy is coming from the falling dollar and rising prices/Inflation regardless of what the manipulated Government reports may say. True Inflation right now is approximately 18%+. The tin foil on the Jiffy Pop is starting to rise and Gold has closed today at an 18 month high. We are moving out of the deflation stage and into the inflation stage, if Bernanke is truly dedicated to saving the U.S. economy the he need to tell Geitner to turn off the presses now. We have already doubled, no almost tripled the amount of dollars in circulation now; just in the last 8 months.

The popping is growing louder and mmm- the smell of fresh popped Jiffy Pop Popcorn. The heat is high and I hope you are on the right side of the markets- especially Gold and Precious Metals and in Stocks. For Gold in the coming week I fully expect we will take out the $1033 high. I would not be upset if we built a base down here around $1000 –  $1015 during the next few days and closing out next week at $1025 – $1040. This thrust will take us up to $1075- $1100 Then a retracement to back to $1025-$1033 before taking out $1100; and then getting to $1250 – $1300 by the end of the year. We will see a futile attempt to prop up the U.S. Dollar but there is nothing they can do short of raising Interest rates which will sink the fledgling recovery. Oil wil come back and take out first $75 a barrel and then $100 a barrel by the end of the year.

On stocks, I made a mistake on the wave/formation pattern, I still feel we are in the process of creating a head and shoulders top, the exception is that we are still forming the head. I think we will top out the head at DJI 9750- 9800. From there it will be a vicious drop off the cliff preceded by a short right shoulder buildup. I think the big crash is going to occur very soon in the next few weeks. Keep your stops very tight and get ready to play the downside.

I initiated two positions Thurs late afternoon, I bought (DGP) at 2245 and I sold (DGZ) at $22.60. I am getting ready to buy Dec call options for (GLD) and (RGLD) on Monday. You can follow my trades on twitter right after I initiate them.

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Four Keys To Gold’s Next Move – Seeking Alpha

By Jeffrey Nichols of Nichols On Gold

Gold may have moved too high too soon . . . but whether or not the metal manages to recoup and hold onto recent gains near or above the $1000 an ounce level in the days immediately ahead . . . we are nevertheless looking for new highs (above $1032) in the closing months of the year with gold possibly at $1200 or $1300 before the New Year.

Key One: India

I’ve just returned from India, one of the most crucial markets for gold with a long history and big appetite for the yellow metal. What happens next for gold may depend most on the strength — or weakness — of Indian buying. And, Indian buying is both price sensitive and in sync with various holidays, festivals, and the wedding seasons.

With current rupee-denominated prices near historic highs, many are waiting either for a correction or evidence of staying power before returning to the market for new purchases. And while festival and wedding-related buying is expected later this month, the two-week period up to September 19th is considered inauspicious for gold purchases and many potential buyers will wait until later in the month.

If gold can remain near $1000 for the next week or two, giving Indians a sense of confidence that the price is not about to retreat, we can imagine stronger buying interest sufficient to get the price moving toward its previous historic peak and beyond into uncharted territory.

Key Two: China

Official — but unreported — buying on behalf of the central bank and possibly the country’s sovereign wealth fund, the China Investment Corporation, is being joined by growing private-sector demand for both investment bars and jewelry.

Press reports suggest that the Chinese government has adopted a new — more positive — attitude toward private-sector buying of both gold and silver. With China now the number one gold-mining country, it is in their interest to see a higher gold price as long as demand can be satisfied by domestic mine production and scrap reflows. Additionally, it has been suggested that the new pro-gold policy is intended to channel speculative funds away from real estate and equity investments.

The recently announced agreement for the People’s Bank of China to purchase from the International Monetary Fund about $50 billion in SDR-denominated, IMF-issued interest-bearing securities has also contributed to the latest round of dollar selling . . . and, to the extent that dollar weakness is a plus for gold, this has also supported the early September gold rally.

Key Three: Barrick

Barrick Gold’s (ABX) smart move to buy back its gold hedge position provided a temporary booster shot that helped propel the yellow metal through the $1000 an ounce barrier.

If I remember correctly, as of midyear, Barrick — the world’s largest gold-mine producer — had about 168 tons of gold outstanding on its hedge book . . . and would have to buy back this quantity to regain full exposure to future gold-price moves.

Anticipating an announcement effect, Barrick most likely accelerated its gold repurchase program in the days leading up to the September 7th announcement and probably paused to let the market recover from the news and prices to back off a bit before it resumes its repurchase program. With another tranche still to be repurchased in the months ahead, I expect Barrick to buy into price weakness, helping to underpin the price at moments of weakness.

Key Four: Monetary Factors

Of course, clients and readers of NicholsOnGold know that we think U.S. monetary policy and money supply growth are the primary determinants of U.S. price inflation, U.S. dollar performance, and the future price of gold. Last weekend’s communique from the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors was a reminder that monetary stimulus is likely to stay for some time. This — along with last week’s report from the United Nations critical of the U.S. dollar’s roll as a global reserve asset — has pushed the dollar lower in foreign-exchange markets to the benefit of gold.

If you haven’t already read the full text of my speech to the 6th Annual India International Gold Convention in Goa, India last week, I suggest you take a look for more about gold’s supply/demand situation, important changes in central bank gold policies, and implications of U.S. monetary policy.


How to Trade Natural Gas, Crude Oil and Gold ETF Funds – Seeking Alpha

By: Chris Vermeulen of The Gold and Oil Guy

How to trade hot commodities like natural gas, oil and gold? We should see big moves in the coming weeks as gas bottoms, and oil and gold breakout or breakdown. A lot of money is going to be exchanging hands quickly and the key is to be on the receiving end of things. Below are some charts showing where these commodities are trading.

How to Trade Gold – Weekly Chart

How I trade gold is relatively straight forward. I use a simple trading model which allows me to identify the down side risk for a potential gold trade. I also use the same model for trading oil, gas and silver.

Beyond finding good entry points, it is crucial to know when to take some profits off the table. The weekly gold chart clearly shows gold trading at a resistance level which means there are going to be more sellers than buyers, hence the reason it is called resistance.

To trade gold I enter with my low risk entry points and sell half my position once I reach a resistance level. Thursday for example gold moved up into this long term resistance level and then started to head south. We took some profits off the table before gold dipped in the late afternoon for a healthy gain. Taking profits is a must or you’ll simply hold onto winning positions until they eventually turn into a loser.

Gold Resistance Level

How to Trade Crude Oil – Weekly Chart

Trading crude oil is exciting because it moves much faster than gold. How to trade crude oil with low risk can be done by using my simple trading model which is a combination of indicators like momentum, support & resistance, volume, price patterns and media coverage. All these things combined allow for highly accurate trades with minimal down side risk.

Crude oil looks ready to make a big move. The odds are pointing to higher prices because oil has a multi month bullish price action and the falling US dollar helps increase the price of oil. I can see oil breakout and rally into the $95 per barrel level if things go that way in the coming weeks.

Crude Oil Trading Newsletter

How to Trade Oil (USO Fund) – Weekly Chart

USO tracks similarly to the price of crude oil and it provides some great trades for both swing traders and day traders. I focus on trades that bounce off support with low downside risks, which occur on both the daily and weekly charts.

How to trade USO

How to Trade Natural Gas – Weekly Chart

Natural gas is looking ready to bottom here. If you go back to the early 90’s the $2-3 range is a major support level. While I don’t generally try to pick bottoms, there are some signature price patterns and volume patterns that have proven to be very profitable for catching sharp bounces.

How to trade Natural Gas

How to Trade Natural Gas – Daily Chart

The daily chart shows a perfect waterfall sell off with the price of natural gas dropping to a long term support level. This pattern combination shows panic selling which indicates a short term bottom is close.

The extreme panic selling and sharp decline in price, removes much of the down side risk. Scaling into a position over a few days, if the price continues to move lower, is important for this strategy to work its magic.

The black horizontal lines show my resistance levels for taking profits. If the price were to drop below $10 then I would exit the second half of the position to lock in the rest of the profit.

How to trade UNG

How to Trade Commodities Conclusion:

Trading commodities is very simple with all the ETFs and funds available. The energy funds like oil and gas have some issues with following the prices of their underlying commodity but I do not find it a problem with my style of trading.

I would really like to know the entire story about what is going on with the oil and nat gas funds which have crazy contango issues. Why do other commodity funds like GLD (gold bullion) and SLV (silver bullion) not have these issues? Why can’t they make a fund which follows oil and gas properly? All I know is that there are a lot of dishonest people in the financial industry taking honest hard working peoples’ money.

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(9-11 Postscript): I salute the fallen hero’s of 9-11 – we will not forget you! Our prayers are still with the families of the fallen and the survivors. We will never forget…


I will be starting regular daily posts next week especially since the markets are heating up- Like I said it’s “Jiffy Pop” time! – Have a great weekend-jschulmansr


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