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Okay, I admit it this rally took me a little by surprise. Ah… Hope springs eternal! Everybody is banking that we are out of the woods. Well take your profits, keep your stops tight protect yourself. I may be wrong again and we may see 10,000 on the DJI. However, I still think we have an actual retracement needed, and I don’t think that support is very strong underlying the market. Companies are still downsizing, even I fell victim to this. Yes, I am now officially in the ranks of the unemployed. Thank God I can trade and have a severance package otherwise, I would be doomed to getting unemployment which is no where close to my earnings; and/or ability to pay my bills. Market Confidence is definitely waning.


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Unemployment rates are still much higher than stated. Home sales while up, how many of those are companies lowering prices to cost or below just to get them off their inventory rolls. Inflation due to unlimited money printing, is cause a pricing increase across the board. Inflation is here. Bernanke is caught between a rock and a hard place. If he increase Interest rates he will destroy the budding economy. If he keeps interest rates the same and keeps printing money, he will cause continued price and overall Inflation maybe even Hyper-Inflation.

Next are you really aware of what is in the current health reform bill if not you must read it. Here is the link all 1018 pages. It is an outright power grab and takeover of our country by Government and the Banks, and the “shadow government. According to information published, they have stated they will bring the Stock Market back to these levels (9000-10,000 DJI), suck everybody in, and crash the market and steal your money. When I say crash, I mean crash, all the way down to 6400 or worse. Be advised and be prepared. You will not heard this talked about on market news even from FOX. Here are some of the sources read here and here. These are just a few of many sources that you can check, read and decide for yourself.


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Today on the Dow it made a futile attempt to jump to the positive before being slammed and seesawed near the close. If I were to project the market it looks like we are forming an actual Head and shoulders top and are cureently worrking on the head. There is still a little room for the upside to somewhere around 9500-9600 DJI will be a strong resistance point. Next 10,000 DJI, and then the gap around 10,300 DJI. Remember however, we have already moved high enough to qualify as the head so bring your stops in tight.

Look for continued US Dollar weakness long term, be prepared that Bernanke may have raise Interest Rates which will give a short term boost to the Dollar; but long term there isd only one direction down. Oil until end of summer will trade in a range (barring any unforseen news) between $60 and $75-$80. At end of August look for new push higher back over $100 at the minimum.

Time for my favorite Gold, they are trying to push it down one more time again, especially since the summer, thin traded market, and before the CFTC actually brings in posistion limits in Commodities trading. I am still calling for $1250 Gold by the end of the year, with $25 Silver, Platinum around $1800 -$2000. Take Delivery on any bullion you purchase especially off of COMEX. Good Investing! -jschulmansr


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– Trend Analysis Revealed –

Substantial moves like the ones that we have recently witnessed present opportunities to succeed or fail in the markets. Traders who stayed on the correct side of the trend were rewarded substantially.

Serious questions effecting your portfolio still remain:

– Have we seen the Indexes bottom or top?
– Is a reversal in the near future?
– Is it too late to go short?

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