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I really hope you haven’t been fooled by this latest little upswing over the last couple of days in the Stock Markets. Please take your profits now and do it tomorrow! Turn that money over into resource based stocks especially Gold and Silver, Oil and Energy, and your basic foodstuff and base metal commodities. Wed. rally was to get rid of the weak shorts snatch their cash and today fool them to turn their positions and catch them with a whipsaw. Thurs. rally basically caused by Roubini semi positive remarks on the economy. How interesting, I wonder what tomorrow Fri. result will be when the markets hear about Roubini’s rebuttal (of course after market close!).

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I wanted to take a minute and share with you some excellent links to INO.com Market Club. I am personally a member and I love their charting tools and their patented “Triangle Technology”. This is a “must have” for any serious trader. I’ve arranged for my readers a couple of special videos on the Dow Jones Industrial’s, the Dollar Index, the Aussie Dollar.

Watch them, look around Ino, Market Club, and sign up for the “free” stuff to check them out…

Important Dow Update, July 14th

In today’s short video I am going to be revisiting the Dow Jones Industrial index (DJI).

Dow Update

I think it’s very interesting to see what our “Trade Triangles” are doing as well as what our Talking Charts are saying about this market.

I’ll also be using MarketClub’s Fibonacci tool. If you have not seen this tool in action, I strongly recommend that you watch today’s video.

You can watch this video with my compliments and there is no registration requirements.

Exploring the Dollar Index

While the US dollar was supposed to lose ground against its counter parties, the market has remained surprisingly stubborn and trapped in a sideways trading range.

In today’s video I will explore what’s going on, and where I think this market is headed in the future.

You can watch this video with my compliments and there is no registration requirements.

Dollar Index

What’s up with the currency from down-under?

We are taking a trip down under today.

It has been sometime since we last looked at the relationship between the US dollar and the Australian dollar (USD/AUD). Today seemed like an opportune time to look at this cross and to figure out where it is headed using our “Trade Triangle” technology.

We’re also using MarketClub’s Fibonacci tool. If you have not seen this tool in action, I strongly recommend that you watch today’s video.

Aussie Dollar

All the best,

Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub


Roubini refutes better outlook – MarketWatch

By Kate Gibson

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Economist Nouriel Roubini on Thursday refuted reports that he had improved his economic outlook, saying his comments at an investors conference earlier in the day were taken out of context. “I have said on numerous occasions that the recession would last roughly 24 months. Therefore, we are 19 months into that recession. If as I predicted the recession is over by year end, it will have lasted 24 months with a recovery only beginning in 2010,” Roubini said in a statement.


Roubini: I Was Taken Out of Context – The Street.Com

The following is a statement from Dr. Nouriel Roubini, chairman of RGE Monitor, and professor, New York University, Stern School of Business:

It has been widely reported today that I have stated that the recession will be over “this year” and that I have “improved” my economic outlook. Despite those reports — however — my views expressed today are no different than the views I have expressed previously. If anything, my views were taken out of context.

I have said on numerous occasions that the recession would last roughly 24 months. Therefore, we are 19 months into that recession. If as I predicted the recession is over by year-end, it will have lasted 24 months, with a recovery only beginning in 2010. Simply put, I am not forecasting economic growth before year’s end.

Indeed, last year I argued that this will be a long and deep and protracted U-shaped recession that would last 24 months. Meanwhile, the consensus argued that this would be a short and shallow V-shaped 8 months long recession (like those in 1990-91 and 2001). That debate is over today as we are in the 19th month of a severe recession; so the V is out of the window and we are in a deep U-shaped recession. If that recession were to be over by year-end — as I have consistently predicted — it would have lasted 24 months and thus been three times longer than the previous two and five times deeper — in terms of cumulative GDP contraction — than the previous two. So, there is nothing new in my remarks today about the recession being over at the end of this year.

I have also consistently argued — including in my remarks today — that while the consensus predicts that the U.S. economy will go back close to potential growth by next year, I see instead a shallow, below-par and below-trend recovery where growth will average about 1% in the next couple of years when potential is probably closer to 2.75%.

I have also consistently argued that there is a risk of a double-dip W-shaped recession toward the end of 2010, as a tough policy dilemma will emerge next year: on one side, early exit from monetary and fiscal easing would tip the economy into a new recession, as the recovery is anemic and deflationary pressures are dominant. On the other side, maintaining large budget deficits and continued monetization of such deficits would eventually increase long-term interest rates (because of concerns about medium term fiscal sustainability and because of an increase in expected inflation) and thus would lead to a crowding out of private demand.

While the recession will be over by the end of the year, the recovery will be weak, given the debt overhang in the household sector, the financial system and the corporate sector; and now there is also a massive releveraging of the public sector with unsustainable fiscal deficits and public debt accumulation.

Also, as I fleshed out in detail in recent remarks, the labor market is still very weak: I predict a peak unemployment rate of close to 11% in 2010. Such [a] large unemployment rate will have negative effects on labor income and consumption growth; will postpone the bottoming out of the housing sector; will lead to larger defaults and losses on bank loans (residential and commercial mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, leveraged loans); will increase the size of the budget deficit (even before any additional stimulus is implemented); and will increase protectionist pressures.

So, yes there is light at the end of the tunnel for the U.S. and the global economy; but as I have consistently argued. the recession will continue through the end of the year, and the recovery will be weak and at risk of a double dip, as the challenge of getting right the timing and size of the exit strategy for monetary and fiscal policy easing will be daunting.

RGE Monitor will soon release our updated U.S. and Global Economic Outlook. A preview of the U.S. Outlook is available on our website: www.rgemonitor.com


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