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Well we made it to the weekend. as I said in my last post things are just too interesting to go away! I hope you took my last post to heart and didn’t jump in the next day when stocks went up. This is a sucker’s rally! We have some support levels as follows for the (DJI) 1st is at 8400, then 8250, 8000, 7500, then nothing until 6450 area. I think that this is what we will see, a second test of the 6450 level for the (DJI) over the next 6 months. Remember the fear factor is growing again, and the “green shoots” are starting to dry up.

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One thing that few people have been talking about is how many people are now in negative equity in their homes and just can’t afford the mortgage payments and are starting to walk away from these homes and letting them (mortgages) default. Especially their 2nd homes and investment properties bought at the end of the real estate boom. Also, these are considered high grade loans, and default is growing along with the people (high risk) who couldn’t afford to buy the home in the first place!

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Next, credit card debt, how many unemployed workers are living off their credit cards now and can’t afford to make the payments. Plus even those employed but thought they could continue to use their homes as ATM’s now find they just can’t make the payments. Credit Card Debt defaults are starting to grow exponentially! Yes, the other shoe is starting to drop!

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Next, the Dollar is getting ready to swan dive again and if the amount of money that has been created by the treasury, has actually doubled the amount of dollars out there; then isn’t our dollars already really worth 50% less than at the beginning of the year. Yes, that is how much money they have printed just since the beginning of the year! On a side note; Russia is even in worse shape than we are in the U.S., so for the Forex traders out there here are 3 currency pairs I think will perform quite well. First for the russian situation, (USD/RUB), (EUR/RUB). This is the only Forex trade that you will see me recommend with  the Dollar as long. For the Dollar, since I think it is going down, down, down; (EUR/USD). However a better trade would be to look at in my book the 2 best “resource countries” as opposed to the U.S.A. These would be (AUD/USD) and (CAD/USD).

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Precious Metals, my outlook is still the same; for Gold and Silver stay long buy more any form. Experts state you should have 10%-15% in Precious Metals. For optimium financial health in my opinion you should have 50%-60% or more in Precious metals just to protect yourself from either Inflation or Deflation and what is going to happen to the dollar.  The new base range for Gold and the strong support is $890 – $920. On the upside $950 the 1st battle, then $980, then $1000. However, confirmation of the bull breakout will occur in my book after a few successful closes over $955. I am calling for Gold to be at $1250 – $1500 by the end of the year. Don’t forget China and Russia are buying Gold to hedge their currency and US Debt holdings. The IMF sale … forget that China alone will santch that up in a heartbeat, it’s a drop in the bucket!

My Gold stock tip is this Apollo Gold (AGT). I have been buying this since the 10cent level and it is currently trading in the 45 cent level. The company just produced it’s first gold (3000 oz.) less than a month ago. The comapny also just announced another “high grade” hit 13oz gold/ton find on an adjacent property close to it’s producing mine and mill. Wesites to check out on Apollo Gold.



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Now for the $997 “Hot Stock Tip” There is a newsletter right now offering a special report on this hot stock if you join them as a subscriber for only $997. You get it here on Dare Something Worthy Today Too! for Free!

It is for a new treatment of cancer especially Prostate Cancer. It is a non invasive procedure, no chemo, no side effects, very effective. Remember, when we used to watch Star Trek and Dr. McCoy used to have an instrument the operated with a beam and performed the surgery with success? That is what they are using right now. It is the Cyber-Knife. It works by Proton Beam therapy. It focuses a beam of protons that directly hit the Cancer tumor without affecting the surrounding body. The company who makes the machine almost has more orders than it can handle, with more starting to pour in. Clinical trials were held and the results just came back as extremely favorable! I could go on and on but I would rather you check it out for yourself. So I will provide some links for you. The name of the company is Accuray Inc. and it produces the Cyberknife. Stock Symbol (ARAY) and is trading in the $6.80 range currently. It IPO’d at $35 then the Markets got trashed and so did this stock and saw a low of $3.80. It has been slowly climbing back from that, recently hitting a high of $9.00 and now experiencing a normal retracement getting ready in my opinion to go over the next year back into the $20-$30 range. This treatment really works and the clinical trials results were what the company had been waiting for. This is the next step cutting edge technology to remove cancer tumors. The company website and a few other sites so you can research this for your self…




I am going to continue to accumulate shares up to $9-$10 share put away and forget about for a couple of years, I think this one will pay my Grandaughter’s College education.-jschulmansr

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Subject: Two trending markets revisited and analyzed for you

Here is a video analysis of the S&P and Gold markets. The technical analysis was right on at the time, but those markets have changed quite a bit in the last few days. The S&P had a huge rally and Gold is climbing at a steady rate, so what’s the new analysis? Glad you asked!

Below are two free videos, one on Gold and one on the S&P, that gives us an in depth technical look into these markets. Again the videos are free and very informative. Just Click on the Links Below…

S&P Video Analysis:                                                    Gold Projections:

Also- Here’s your chance to analyze that stock you have been thinking about adding to your portfolio. Just enter the ticker of any company, name of a commodity, or forex pair and get your complimentary technical analysis. It cost you nothing and no payment info will ever be requested.

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A new site that is in pre-launch state that will become a virtual world – chat, shop, play, videos, etc. Anyways they are giving free shares (that should become actual company shares) to anyone who signs up and more shares if you refer people.


That’s it for now, sorry about the delay but if you saw and meet my Granddaughter Sophia you’d understand why the delay for my post. Have a Great Weekend! – Good Investing! – jschulmansr

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