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Yes, I almost did! However things are just getting too interesting. Unemployment up again and the market (DJI) is trying to rally, currently up 52 points! Unbelievable, when will reality sink in. We are stuck in a recession and the other “shoe” hasn’t even dropped yet. Don’t be fooled by this “suckers” rally! I hope you took out most of your profits on your non-resource related stocks, especially financials. I still stand by my claim we will see the (DJI) test 6500 again before we ever get to even 9000!

If you are into Forex here is a “gimme” Buy USD/RUB. My reason is simple, traders are starting to panic as Russia’s situation is growing worse. The world bank and the IMF have both stated the Russian economy is and will be stuck in recession for many years to come. As the traders unwind out of the Ruble they will go into US dollars. Don’t get me wrong I think the Dollar will continue to fall as the Fed and Bernanke are running out of ways to keep propping it up. I just think the Ruble will drop faster. Disclosure Long

For Gold and Precious metals. We have a perfect head and shoulders formation in place. If we break back thru $955 I think we have confirmation that Gold is going to mount it’s next attack at $1000 despite continued manipulation to artificially hold it down. Take deliver is the new Rally cry! Let’s catch them with their shorts down! Sorry, no pun intended!. Disclosure Long (Bullion and Stocks) Precious Metals.

Next as promised, here is my hot stock tip! (NGLPF) Nevada Geothermal Power. I like this stock for several reasons, first it is still “undiscovered by the street. Second, it is in the Alternate (Green) Energy Industry; so an Obama “darling”. Plus, their first power generation plant is ahead of schedule and due to come online in October of this year. It is currently tading in the 60-70cent range. I am buying all the way up to a $1 dollar level. This is another “buy and forget. I think it has the potential to be a 10 “bagger”. As always due your due diligence and read  the prospectus before you ever invest. Disclosure Long

Finally, I receive no compensation for any stock I mention here, these are my own personal trades that I share from time to time. If I ever do start receiving compensation for reccomendations, I will disclose that immediately. Good Trading!- jschulmansr

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