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My fellow Investors, lately I have been hearing rumors going round about how many so called “safe warehouse’s bullion depositories” are about to be or are in process of being audited. Exactly, to find out if they have all the Gold and Silver they are supposed to be holding for investors. I just received confirmation from a very reliable source today – Jim Sinclair himself! If there is anything even slightly amiss, a panic will ensue for sure. So in order to protect myself and you my readers, I am recommending that you take delivery now and immediately. Yes, even from “Comex approved” warehouses.  I will include below the missive I received from Jim Sinclair today.  Ps- One other thing this will help accomplish aside from the most important fact of self/wealth preservation, it will definitely cause a “short squeeze” in the Gold and Silver markets and catch the big 3 banks with their shorts down! (okay pun intended! LOL!).

Now for the markets, the (DJI) is right back where we were a few days ago. 8750 (DJI) is still the key with upward resistance the big 9000 and support at 8500. I hope you followed my advice and took out most of your profits. You will never get hurt taking profits and remember you can always jump back in if you pulled the profit trigger a little early. Ps- today’s action looked awfully like a key reversal and the start of the next down leg. Remember, Treasury yields are going higher, Russia, China, and Brazil have all announced they are selling US Treasuries for IMF Bonds. The Fed can only keep buying Treasuries with the help of the printing press. How inflationary will that be? Otherwise, they have to let the US Dollar crash, in fact I think they are going to do both until it is too late…

Gold and Silver have been both inching slowly upward after the correction caused by the big 3 banks and their huge short positions. Everyone please write the CFTC and every other regulatory agency to investigate and stop the blatant price manipulation occuring in the Gold and Silver Markets. For More Info of Gold Manipulation go to www.gata.org.

Keep accumulating –  especially in Silver and Gold producers. I’ll have another sweet pick for you in a few days. Speaking of sweet picks did you see what happened with West Timmins Mining (WTMNF)? Hope you took advantage of my pick when I mentioned it here. Until the next time- Good Investing! – Jschulmansr

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Subject: Two trending markets revisited and analyzed for you

Here is a video analysis of the S&P and Gold markets. The technical analysis was right on at the time, but those markets have changed quite a bit in the last few days. The S&P had a huge rally and Gold is climbing at a  steady rate, so what’s the new analysis? Glad you asked!

Below are two free videos, one on Gold and one on the S&P, that gives us an in depth technical look into these markets. Again the videos are free and very informative. Just Click on the Links Below…

          S&P Video Analysis:                                                    Gold Projections:

Also- Here’s your chance to analyze that stock you have been thinking about adding to your portfolio. Just enter the ticker of any company, name of a commodity, or forex pair and get your complimentary technical analysis. It cost you nothing and no payment info will ever be requested.

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Here is what I received from Jim Sinclaire of JSMineset.com today…

“Nothing will unnerve the paper gold shorts more quickly and do more to undercut their confidence than to strip them of the real metal and force them to come up with more hard gold bullion to make good on deliveries. “Stand and Deliver or Go Home” should be the rallying cry of the gold longs to the paper gold shorts.” –Trader Dan Norcini
Dear Comrades In Golden Arms,

You know that information that comes to me has been reliable. You also know that the entire purpose of all of working here at JSMineset has been to get you through this safely. You also know that if we had not been here hundreds of thousands of people now holding gold would not be.
So please pay attention to the following.
I have heard rumors for some time, but today it was confirmed to me, that the Canadian mint’s present problems are not unique and that other depositories (vaults) have had an army of auditors descend on them in the last two weeks. Some of these depositories have names so famous that it would scare the hell out of you. The repercussions would be drastic if they turn out to be troubled.
Why take the risk?
I suggest to you now that you take delivery of all gold held in vaults and depositories on your behalf, but this time even from the most prestigious.
You can get delivery via armoured car service to your bank and utilize safe depository, spread over a few banks. You can insure your safe depository if you do not mind making your holdings public.
I believe that this recommendation is warranted, but also it will be the financial saviour of many.
Respectfully yours,

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The Gold, Silver, Oil & Natural Gas Report- Gold and Oil Guy

By: Chris Vermeulen of The Gold and Oil Guy.Com

The Gold, Silver, Oil & Nat Gas


With so much happening in the market, emotions flying high and from being blinded by fear and greed many investors are wondering What do I do now?

I have put together some of my trading charts to help keep the overall picture clear for us commodity traders. My approach is very simple and effective when proper trading/money management is applied. FEAR and GREED are the two most powerful forces in trading and if you cannot stomach your trades when they go south, you most likely are trading to large of a position for your account size. Ok, I will try to stay on topic and not get into the education side of things J

The US dollar has had a massive rally considering the United States is in serious trouble. My thoughts are investors bought the USD as the entire planet started to crack thinking it was a smart investment. Which is could be a great play for the long term but I plan on covering that next week with monthly chart analysis for all these commodities.

I have heard a few analysts on CNBC say the US Dollar has broken its down trend. The question I am wondering is: What time frame are they looking at? The daily chart looks strong but if you zoom out and look at the weekly or monthly chart, we have not even made a higher high yet. Everyone sees the market differently that’s for sure.

The US Dollar – Head & Shoulders, Knees then ToesThis chart shows a perfect head and shoulders pattern which made a text book breakout. To keep this report short and to the point, the USD is at support and I expect we will see a rally higher to the 84 – 88 levels which would complete a larger head and shoulders pattern on the monthly chart. A breakdown from the monthly head and shoulders would most likely start the next major leg lower. The USD could rise here, thus pull the price of gold and silver down temporarily and that is why I have locked in some profits on these commodities.



The Price of Gold – Daily GLD Fund

Gold is currently pulling back from resistance and in my opinion forming the right shoulder which will complete this reverse head and shoulder pattern. Last week I took some profit on my gold position and currently hold a core position hoping prices will hold at my next support trend line. If prices breach that level ($91) then I will exit the balance of my position and wait for the next low risk setup.


The Price of Silver – Daily SLV Fund
Silver is in the same position as gold. I am expecting a pullback for a re-entry.


The Price of Oil – Daily USO Fund
Oil has been on the run since May. Oil had a near perfect breakout/buy signal (Risk was over my 3% risk setup) but many traders took advantage of this signal and are now experiencing massive gains. Tighten stops to lock in some profits and let the rest ride until the next support trend line is breached which will provide more wiggle room for oil to take a breather before moving higher again.


The Price of Natural Gas – Daily UNG Fund
Last week I provided the weekly charts with analysis of all these funds. UNG was the one that really looked exciting. On the weekly charts its very similar if not identical looking to the price action that oil had before it sky rocketing. This chart looks like a spring coiling tightly and getting ready to explode. Only time will tell but keep it on your trading platform!

 Trading Conclusion for Gold, Silver, Oil & Nat Gas

In short, the US Dollar is trading at support and could be starting a nice rally to form the second shoulder which can be seen on the monthly chart. If this happens I expect gold and silver will have some selling pressure.

Oil continues to rally and short term traders should be thinking about tightening their stops to lock in some gains on the first sign of a reversal.

Natural Gas looks locked and loaded for a big bang. I’m waiting for my signature setup before jumping onboard as it helps improve the odds of the trade going in my direction after I enter a position.

If you would like to receive these free trading reports or my trading signals please visit this link: Free Weekly Trading Reports – Click Here

If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email. My passion is to help others and for us all to make money together with little down side risk.

To Your Financial Success,
Chris Vermeulen
The Gold and Oil Guy


Claim a gram of FREE GOLD today, plus a special 18-page PDF report;

Exposed! Five Myths of the Gold Market and find out:

  • ·        Who’s been driving this record bull-run in gold?
  • ·        What Happens When Inflation Kicks In?
  • ·        Why most investors are WRONG about gold…
  • ·        When and How to buy gold — at low cost with no hassle!

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Nothing in today’s post should be considered as an offer to buy or sell any securities or other investments; it is presented for informational purposes only. As a good investor, consult your Investment Advisor/s, Do Your Due Diligence, Read All Prospectus/s and related information carefully before you make any investing decisions and/or investments. –  jschulmansr