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Have you ever Tweeted? In this Special Edition of Dare Something Worthy Today Too!, In this special edition I am including articles dedicated to Twitter and Tweeting Basics. In my earlier post today I stated Gold was consolidating for another thrust to test the All Time High of $1003 an oz. Gold was trading around the $965 level. Now checkout what happened… – Good Investing and Good Tweeting! -jschulmansr

ps-after today’s action it seems like every “forecaster” is now finally heralding a “New” Bull market in Gold. How much money do these guys charge? If you have been following this blog and my notes you would be up $150+ oz in Physical Gold, not to mention some excellent gains in Gold Stocks too, and for Free! Remember you heard it here first! – jschulmansr


Gold tops $980 as safety buying continues – MarketWatch

Source: MarketWatch


Gold up for second day as safety

buying continues

By Moming Zhou, MarketWatch
Last update: 2:24 p.m. EST Feb. 18, 2009
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Gold futures rose Wednesday for a second session, ending at the highest level in seven months after briefly hitting $980 an ounce, as safe-haven buying continued.
Meanwhile, holdings in the biggest gold exchange-traded fund surpassed 1,000 tons for the first time ever, according to latest data.
Gold for February delivery ended up $10.70, or 1.1%, at $977.70 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the highest closing level for a front-month contract since July 15, when gold closed at the same price.
The February contract, which expires on Feb. 25, rose to $980.80 earlier. Trading more actively, the April contract also ended higher at $978.20.
Gold is now about $26 below its all-time high above $1,003 an ounce, hit in March 2008. Talk of “gunning for the $1,000 level” should keep buyers at the helm, said Jon Nadler, senior analyst at Kitco Bullion Dealers.
Helping gold prices hold firm Wednesday was more gloomy news from the U.S. economy.
Construction on new U.S. housing units plunged 16.8% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 466,000, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday, with housing starts now far below the weakest levels of construction in the post-World War II era.
Such news tends to boost gold prices, as some investors buy the metal as a safe haven against economic troubles.
Meanwhile, the Obama administration released details Wednesday of a program to help millions of at-risk homeowners modify their mortgages. See full story on Obama housing plan.
Demand surpasses $100 billion
Demand for gold surpassed $100 billion last year for the first time ever, amid increased industrial and jewelry consumption and investors’ purchase of the metal as a safe haven, the World Gold Council reported Wednesday.
Gold demand — including jewelry consumption, industrial demand and identifiable investments such as bars, coins and gold exchange-traded funds — hit $102 billion in 2008, up 29% from a year ago.
In tonnage terms, gold demand rose 4% to 3,659 tons, the WGC said
Gold holdings in SPDR Gold Shares, the largest gold exchange-traded fund, rose to 1,008.80 tons Tuesday, surpassing the 1,000 ton level for the first time, according to latest data from the fund. The total was up more than 200 tons from a month ago.
The SPDR Gold Trust GLD 96.44, +0.99, +1.0%) gained 1.1% to $96.45.
In spot trading, the London afternoon gold-fixing price — a benchmark for gold traded directly between big institutions — stood at $964 an ounce Wednesday, down $4 from the previous day.
Other metals, equities
In other metals trading, March copper rose 1% to $1.436 a pound, while March silver gained 2% to $14.29 an ounce.
March palladium added 0.5% to $219.10 an ounce, and the April contract for sister metal platinum rose slightly to $1,098.90 an ounce.
In equities, shares of Barrick Gold Corp. (ABX 37.88, +0.59, +1.6%) , the world’s largest gold-mining company, added 2.2% to $38.13, while Goldcorp Inc. (GG 32.14, +0.30, +0.9%) gained 1.6% to $32.36, and South Africa’s Gold Fields Ltd. (GFI 11.79, -0.04, -0.3%) was up 0.3% to $11.85.
The Amex Gold Bugs Index (HUI 320.54, +1.35, +0.4%) , which tracks the share prices of major gold companies, gained 0.7% to 321.41.
The iShares Gold Trust ETF (IAU 96.48, +0.94, +1.0%) rose 1% to $96.50, while the iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV 14.20, +0.21, +1.5%) rose 1.4% to $14.18. End of Story
Moming Zhou is a MarketWatch reporter based in New York.
Twitter and Tweeting – The Basics
Ready to jump into Twitter, but don’t know how to get started? Follow these 10 tips and you’ll fit right in.
Is it finally time to take the Twitter plunge? The free service that lets users micro-blog 140 characters at a time had accumulated around 1.9 million users as of December 2008, according to comScore. If you are just now jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, or are intimidated by your inexperience with Twitter etiquette and acronyms, allow us to share some Twittery tips that will make your experience easier and more enjoyable.
1. Shrink Your URLs
Shrink Your URLs
 One of the most common uses of Twitter is sharing links. But you only have 140 characters to work with, so instead of sharing a long URL, use one of several URL-shortening services to shrink that link. Some of our favorites include tinyurl.com, is.gd, ow.ly, and bit.ly
2. RT = Retweet
2. RT = Retweet
If you want to copy and paste someone else’s tweet, that’s totally accepted and appreciated, as long as you give the original tweeter credit for it. Just put “RT @name” in front of their tweet and post it yourself.
3. Direct Messaging
Direct Messaging
With Twitter’s direct-messaging (DM) function, you can send a private 140-character message to another user, kind of like abbreviated e-mail. However, you can only direct message Twitter users that are following you.
4. Use the @ Sign
Use the @ Sign
To create a reply or to give someone props on Twitter, simply place an @ sign in front of their Twitter name. If it is a reply, the @ sign must be the first character of the tweet. To see replies to your own tweets, click on @Replies from your profile page.
5. Search For Your Friends
Search For Your Friends
Search.twitter.com works well for finding your friends, celebrities, or organizations, or for searching for specific topics you’re interested in.  
6. Categorize Your Tweets for Added Visibility    

Categorize Your Tweets for Added Visibility
If you’re tweeting about a popular subject (Obama, Lost, etc) putting a # in front of the subject makes it easy for others to find your tweet, and perhaps they will want to follow you. For example, when the plane crashed into the Hudson River in January, #flight1549 became a popular tag and search term.
7. Share Pictures
Share Pictures
People love sharing their photos with the world, and some even break news with them, like Janis Krums, who used TwitPic to post one of the first up-close photos of Flight 1549 on his Twitter feed. Services like TwitPic let users easily upload their photos and post them directly to Twitter.
8. Tweet from Your Phone
Tweet from Your Phone
Twitter allows you to update your status and receive updates via text message. Under Settings, go to the Devices tab and enter your phone number to start sending and receiving mobile tweets. If your incoming tweets/texts are overwhelming you, disable this option by going back to the same panel and following the instructions.
9. Pick a Good Desktop Client
Pick a Good Desktop Client
With desktop clients such as TweetDeck, Twhirl, and TwitterFox, you can receive tweets in a much more manageable fashion, especially if you follow a lot of people, respond often, and use direct messages a lot. TweetDeck, for example, allows you to create specific groups, if you want to split your feed into individual columns.
10. Download a Mobile Client
Download a Mobile Client
If you have a BlackBerry, an iPhone, or another smartphone with Wi-Fi or 3G access, a mobile client might be a better option than using text messages. Mobile Twitter clients worth checking out include Twitterific, TwitterBerry, PocketTweets, and Twidroid. You can even follow PCMag on Twitter! Find us at http://twitter.com/pcmag, and follow AppScout and Gearlog too!
My Note: you can follow me on Twitter too!

Twitter’s usefulness goes far beyond finding out what strangers ate for lunch. Read breaking news, get customer service, or even chat with your favorite celebrities.

Twitter is vapid, Twitter is narcissistic—Twitter is actually terribly useful if you can ignore knee-jerk backlash. The casual, instant nature of the service lends itself to solving small problems quickly, distributing live-on-the-scene news reports, and keeping track of people. Here are six easy ways to transform Twitter from a time sink into an indispensable tool.


Follow the News

In general, the Web at large is still a more complete news source. Twitter is for keeping track of one niche you care about, staying informed on a news-heavy day, and getting live updates from Twitter users on the scene (like from an Apple keynote or a plane crash in the Hudson River). @CNN posts headlines with story links, but I prefer the one-sentence story summaries on the unofficial @cnnbrk. @NYTimes posts headlines and links too, but it also follows the accounts of 80 NYT sections and writers. Other popular news feeds include @BreakingNewsOn, @nprnews, @weirdnews, @macrumors, @MarsPhoenix, @Astronautics, and several feeds from Digg. PCMag offers a feed for tech news, as do Gearlog and AppScout. You can also hand-roll feeds from a news site’s RSS using Twitterfeed, but don’t publicize it too hard lest the site owners complain.

Get Better Customer Service

Conducting customer service on Twitter doesn’t make much sense—for the company. It just won’t scale well once Twitter gets another ten million users. But right now you can get more attention than you deserve as a single customer by talking to one of these companies on Twitter: Zappos, Starbucks, Whole Foods, JetBlue, and many, many others. Next time you have a customer complaint, just Google the search string “[Company name] Twitter” to see if you can make your case in 140 characters. Or just post a gripe about the company or product and wait for someone in the Twitterverse to respond.

Ask for Help

As with blogs and forums, Twitter is a great place to ask questions you’re too lazy to find the answers for yourself. And the service is absolutely perfect for asking favors (“Can anyone help me move on Friday?”), gathering opinions (“Do organic bananas taste better?”), or getting advice (“How much RAM should I get for my new MacBook?”) Twitter takes a problem you can solve by spending 5 minutes at a computer and makes it solvable in 10 seconds from the produce aisle. Of course, this works best when your real-life friends are following you, as developer Owen Winkler explains. Especially if you ask your followers to help you lose weight. The flip side is that Twitter communication is meant to be two-way. Build your network of followers and your Twitter karma by jumping in with answers and help of your own.

Promote Your Work/Company

Again, Twitter isn’t the first service to solve this problem; the immediacy of the service just makes it a good option. If you don’t abuse it, you can use an occasional link to promote an app you’ve built, an article you’ve written, or a longer plea for someone to please, please help you move on Friday. Just keep it to three links a week; any more and you’ll alienate followers who already know about your work or couldn’t care less.

Keep Up with Friends

Other than entertaining strangers, this is my favorite use of Twitter. One message at a time, knowing who has a cold or who got in a fender bender is dull. But in aggregate, skimming your Twitter feed gives you a sixth sense about what your social circle is up to, what moods they’re in, whether they’re free for a drink that night and whether you’d better offer to pay. Unlike the more intense location-based services, Twitter still has a built-in casualness: You’re not necessarily asking people to meet you right here right now, you’re just asking if anyone’s free for lunch.

Meet Celebrities

Not all of the most-followed Twitter users pay attention to messages from their followers, but Brent Spiner (Star Trek‘s Data) is pretty friendly, as is comedian Stephen Fry. And if you have heroes in the tech media world, you’re set for life here.


Final Note: Get involved in investing in precious metals whatever form, i.e. bullion, stocks, etf’s and etc. NOW!

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